Yeah, we know they're delicious, but for us there is much more to the story. Choice edible mushrooms have been an ingredient in the human diet for as long as history has been drawn on cave walls (and probably longer than that). The nutritional & medicinal properties that mushrooms possess continue to amaze people in all walks of life. From authors, to athletes, scientists to shamans, and even herbivores and carnivores both agree - eating more mushrooms makes us healthy and happy!

Did You Know that Mushrooms are Medicine?

Mushrooms are medicine! That’s right, some of the most effective medicines we use today come from the mushroom kingdom (Aka The Fifth Kingdom). These amazing fungi can kill bacteria, lower cholesterol, and even help to fight cancer! It is estimated that there are over five million species of fungi, but sadly we have only identified a small fraction (less than 20,000). With so many stones still left unturned, it's hard not to wonder if there is a species growing out there that holds the key to curing our most tragic diseases and widespread sicknesses.

Recent studies have shown the amazing effects mushrooms can have on the microbiome. A healthy microbiome has been found to be an extremely important factor in everyday health and wellness - it consists of millions of bacteria that all live inside your stomach. They are full of polysaccharides that work as a prebiotic and boost immune-health.

Anti-inflammatories that lower inflammation in the body, and anti-oxidants that have been shown to aid in anti aging!


They are already! As you’re reading this, Mycelium, “the root system" of all mushrooms, are running beneath the ground creating a vast, living, breathing network of organisms that help to maintain the balance of life on earth (pretty cool, huh?). We, along with a band of fearless mycologists (Mushroom Scientists), believe that an advanced understanding of this network will one day help human’s to live harmoniously with one another and with our planet. These scientists, who we affectionately call The Mighty Mycologists, have isolated species of mushrooms that can make plastic biodegrade, clean up after oil spills and even nuclear waste!

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