Looking to add Mushroom Jerky to your business?

Mushroom Jerky makes a great and fun addition to any business. Weather you own a small fitness studio or a multi-store food chain we are thankful and frankly thrilled with your interest in our company. Our 100% organic Mushroom Jerky is made using plant-based ingredients grown by farmers right here in the United States. In fact, the shiitakes we use, grow on a farm less than 30 miles from where they are manufactured! This, plus the efforts of our dedicated team, ensure that our products hit the shelves of your store at their absolute freshest! Fresher than... (insert NY reference here)!

We are just starting out, so right now we’re just a small company, but we have some big goals! To reach, and exceed these goals, we built our company to scale!

We currently have the ability to fulfill pallet sized orders (and bigger) in under two weeks. And to show our appreciation we gladly offer quantity discounts for customers who place orders of that magnitude.

Do you have a suggestion for businesses that would love to hear from us? If so, drop us a line at info@nymushroomco.com and we will do our best to spread our mushroom ways!

Become a Retailer / Distributor

Are you a distributor of food or grocery items? Do you think Mushroom Jerky would fit in well with your catalog of items? If so, you’re just the person we are looking to speak to! To get started, complete the information below and we'll be in touch within the next business day. You may email Doug directly at Doug@nymushroomco.com

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