Our mission is to use mushrooms to create honest & sustainable products, that promote health, vitality and longevity for all of us and the planet, one mushroom at a time.

Doug's Vision

Our company was founded by Doug Cohen, a passionate, young entrepreneur from New York. With this new company hopes to create products that have positive effects on our distressed and misguided food industry.

At a young age, Doug was instilled with a love of food through big family dinners with his grandparents and cousins. This love of food would lead him to find work at restaurants, pizza places, delis and even butcher shops. Like so many of his fellow New Yorkers, Doug worked the long restaurant hours, often on weekends and holidays learning about food and the businesses that sell it.

Then at 24, He eagerly opened his first business, a premier butcher & sandwich shop on Long Island. As his business grew so did his understanding of the food industry, and it's fair to say that the things he learned did not make him very happy with. His small business was contributing to some of the most degrading environmental practices going today: Large-scale animal agriculture and the inevitable waste associated with raising animals strictly for human consumption.

In the immortal words of the Doors, Doug realized, “The time to hesitate is through.” He changed his personal eating habits, sold his business, and focused his attention on creating a new company. A company that would produce honest, healthy, minimally-processed, plant-based foods that can be grown, manufactured and packaged locally and free from the vast waste associated with large scale animal agriculture.

At age 19, Doug’s New York Mushroom Company was born.

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